5 Times UHS Can Help Even When You’re Not Sick

UHS is an acronym for UW-Madison’s University Health Services. When most students think of UHS they think of, “that place I go to when I’m sick.” Yes, UHS is the place to go if you’re not feeling well, but they also can help you out when you don’t have the sniffles.

1. Try meditation if you want to improve your mood and help your brain function better.


Meditation is a quick, easy, and free way to boost your mood and productivity every day. UHS offers hands-on classes to help you get started. Classes are held at Union South every Wednesday at noon. No registration is needed, and it’s free!

If you can’t handle the commitment of being at a certain place at a certain time (don’t worry, I’ve been there too), check out their online ‘Meditation on Your Own’ sound bites, and try it at home.

2. Try nutritional services if the employees at Wendy’s know your order or you can’t find motivation to exercise. 


Wouldn’t it be great if someone could tell you exactly what to do to get in shape? How many times have you downloaded a fitness app just to let it sit there and haunt you?

UHS has all kinds of nutritional services that can help you be healthy as a student. They will help you make a plan to change your habits, create meal plans, exercise, how to cook healthy, and even  more. Plus, it’s free!

Schedule an initial visit by calling 608-265-5600 and selecting option #2.

3. Try Let’s Talk if you are stressed, homesick, having troubles with friends or family, worried about grades, or ANYTHING.


Let’s Talk is a UHS program made for students who need someone to talk to, want to see what it would be like going to counselling, or would just like some perspective.

UHS counselors go to a different locations around campus Monday through Friday so students can visit them to talk without an appointment. Check the Spring 2015 schedule!

Let’s Talk is for one-time or infrequent visits. If you speak with a counselor at Let’s Talk and decide you would like to try ongoing counseling call UHS to book an appointment for ongoing counseling at 608-265-5600. Ongoing individual counseling is free if you’re a student!

Interested, but still have questions? Check out the Let’s Talk FAQs.

4.  Try acupuncture if you have discomfort from stress, not getting sleep, or too much partying and/or studying.

party cat

Everyone’s heard of acupuncture, but what does it actually do? Tiny needles only about the size of a human hair are slid in between where your muscles connect. The needles are rounded and so tiny your brain doesn’t register pain.

According to UHS, these needles block pain and release endorphins, so you feel a little tingly during the session. But you leave relaxed and somewhat exhilarated. A great way to perk up after pulling an all-nighter for Math 221.

There is a small fee of $20 per session (cash only). Remember, if you don’t try it in college, when will you?

Call UHS to set up an appointment at 608-265-5600.

5. Try message therapy if you are feeling anxious and want to concentrate better.

kid concentrate

If you are a student and you are anxiety free with amazing concentration skills, please enlighten me I have been having a hard time since season three of House of Cards was released. Being anxiety free and able to concentrate is like the students’ version of the fountain of youth.

While the fountain of carefree concentration hasn’t been found yet, think about this alternative: massage therapy.  UHS massage therapist, Heather Simmons, is able to tailor the massage to you! Relax, target a specific pain, or increase your circulation.

Fifty minute sessions are $40, and you can schedule an appointment by calling 608-265-5607.

Want your parents to spiff up your care package? Drops some hints and have them send a massage gift certificate. Call 60-265-5607 to purchase!


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