Res. Hall Insights: Kronshage Hall

Kronshage Hall – Lakeshore Neighborhood

The first thing you need to know about Kronshage Hall is that it isn’t one big building. It is, in fact, eight buildings. Imagine you took an eight floor high-rise, pulled the floors out one-by-one, and arranged them around each other. Each of the eight buildings is called a “house” and all of them together is considered Kronshage Hall.


If you live in Kronshage you have access to all eight houses, not just the one you live in.This is what makes it the only “double whammy” dorm. Meaning, you get the small intimate “the family away from your family” vibe within your house because each house has one big study lounge/den. It won’t take long for you to meet the other 74 students.

Plus, you get the big community feel because it’s common for students to venture into other Kronshage houses and hang out or study in their den! Kronshage Hall is among the most populated dorms with 600 students living in all eight of the houses. First one to meet them all wins!

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, Kronshage is nestled right up against Lake Mendota. Hammocks, picnics, and Frisbees or snow angels, ice walks, and snowball fights are a must, depending on the good ol’ Wisconsin weather. The Lakeshore path lies between Kronshage and Lake Mendota, and it runs along the lakeside east until it hits Memorial Union and west until picnic point. That way if you have class on the Southeast side of campus you can feel free to hit your snooze button a couple extra time and cruise down the Lakeshore path.

Freshman Population

Kronshage Hall is mostly freshman, like 95 to 97%. With the double whammy set-up you can decide to kick it (the cool kids still say that, right?) with your house fam or go out and meet some potential new besties.

Room Style

All the rooms are doubles and are typical for what most freshman live in on the UW-Madison campus. The only difference is that Kronshage rooms have a build in dresser/vanity right into the wall. It makes the room look bigger and gives you a little extra counter and storage space. A win-win for sure.

The furniture in all dorm rooms are stackable or loftable and allow you to customize your room to what will suit you and your roommate’s needs. There are a million and five ways to make your room feel like home.  Take a peek at some of the main bed options you have.

kronshage hallkronshage hall 2

kronshage hall 3

Renovations taking place Summer 2015 will add individual room heat controls. Wisconsin winters have got nothing on you.

Want a more in depth look at a Kronshage room? Watch Cavan James’, a student who lived in Kronshage in 2013-2014, Cribs style video of his room. Watch it!


Each floor in a house is either all men or women, and each floor has one bathroom. The bathrooms are in a community style set-up where they are shared with the other people on your floor.

As I’ve said before, I know those words immediately send you running in a panic. You’re going to have to trust me, they don’t live up the the massive negative hype created about them.

In fact, I would go so far to say that I met a good number of new friends in the bathrooms. If you don’t eventually say hi to that one other person in the bathroom brushing their teeth before the 8am class you both thought would be easy to get up for because, “Hey, I got up earlier than that for high school,” every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then you’re full of baloney. You obviously both have a lot in common.

brushing teeth

The community bathrooms have about five shower stalls, toilet stalls, and sinks. The showers are in separate lockable stalls, so you can maintain your privacy.There shouldn’t be any issues with having to wait as college students we’ve all got some wacky schedules which spreads out the traffic enough that there tends not to be a “bathroom rush hour”.


You will never live in cheaper lake front property than at Kronshage Hall. Some of the best rooms on campus are Kronshage corner rooms with a lake view, especially for freshman.

Kronshage is located within a less than a three minute walk to two of the six dining halls, Four Lakes Market and Carson’s Market and less than two minutes away from Steenbock library. Get ready for some football because Camp Randall is only a few jump arounds away.

Reader Questions

Did you live in Kronshage and want to share your experiences? What residence hall do you want to hear about next week? Maybe you have another pressing question you want answered, comment on this post or tweet at me, @SierraLivesey. I would love to hear from you!


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