Res. Hall Insights: Leopold Hall

Leopold Hall – Lakeshore Neighborhood

Leopold Hall was built in August 2013, so it’s the newest residence hall on campus. There’s quite a few amenities to impress you right off the bat: temperature controlled rooms, carpeting, a walk-in closet, and less students per bathroom. What more could you want? No doubt you’ll be doing a happy dance in your spacious room.

carlton dance

Freshman Population

Leopold Hall has some freshman, about 50%. It has an interesting dynamic because most of the upperclassmen are going to be located on the first and second floors which are general housing spaces and most of the freshman live on the third and fourth floors which are a part of the GreenHouse Learning Community. The GreenHouse in Leopold provides a unique experience for freshman, you can enjoy the luxuries of an upperclassmen hall without sacrificing the community feel of a typical freshman hall.

GreenHouse Learning Community

There is a big focus on sustainability in Leopold. It recently achieved the LEED gold certification, which basically means it was built and designed to keep the Earth in mind.  In fact, there are solar panels on the roof that supply energy to heat the water in the whole building as well as a 1,000 square foot green house on the top floor that grows food for the dining halls. That’s why Leopold Hall is home to the GreenHouse Learning Community.

If you are interested in sustainability, conservation, environmental issues, gardening, or even if you just like to eat, the GreenHouse would be a great fit! Students in GreenHouse will learn to grow and cook their own food in all seasons. In the past they’ve made biscuits, fruit leather, dumplings, kale chips, curry, and other mouth watering goodness…


Events in the GreenHouse vary from visits by influential environmental professors and scientists from campus, cooking healthy lunches at local schools, workshops to learn carpentry, painting, and bicycle maintenance, canoe trips, and ice walks.

Remember, if you’re an incoming freshman and you rank a learning community as your first preference you will get invited to select a room from within that learning community online! So you would skip the random assignment process, get to know what your room assignment was early, and have more control over where you end up. The perks never stop.

Room Style

Like all newer residence halls, Leopold has a little bit bigger rooms with a few more amenities than the older typically freshman populated halls. They have individually controlled room temperature, walk-in closets, carpet, and higher ceilings. Keep in mind that all these extra amenities do mean that the cost rate for rooms in Leopold are a bit higher than others. Check out the rates for 2015-2016 if you want to see the differences.

leopold hall 2 leopold hall

All beds in Leopold are loftable which means you can put the beds in different arrangements without stacking them on the other furniture like desks or dressers. You can see what the different bed arrangements look like in Leopold Hall here!


Bathrooms in Leopold are what University Housing calls cluster style. Each floor in Leopold is coed by room, which means every other room could be either male or female. Every eight rooms are arranged in a cluster together. Each cluster shares two bathrooms, one for women and one for men. There ends up being about 8 to 12 students that share each bathroom.

Within each bathroom is two toilet stalls, two shower stalls, and two sinks. These bathrooms are kept open and are not accessed by key or WisCard. That way if your cluster’s bathroom happens to be full, feel free to wander to the next closest cluster on your floor.


Leopold is located within a less than a three minute walk to two of the six dining halls, Four Lakes Market and Carson’s Market and less than two minutes away from Steenbock library. Get ready for some football because Camp Randall is only a few jump arounds away.

Reader Questions

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