5 Must Have Apps for UW-Madison Students

I won’t openly admit to being smart-phone obsessed, but if you observed me for an extended period of time you would realize my phone is more than a phone to me. It’s my reading material, my alarm clock, my entertainment, my camera, my bank, my weather guy, my personal trainer, my to-do list, and my music player. My yellow iPhone 5c even has a nickname. One time my boyfriend called it, “Banana Phone,” and it has been named so ever since. So if you see a short blonde girl around campus muttering under her breath, “Where on earth is my banana phone?!” know she’s not *that* crazy.

I’m sure many of you can say the same thing about you and your phone (minus the nickname?). Since starting college banana phone and I have found some great apps that make your phone even more useful while you are out and about on campus. This is my list of six apps every student at UW-Madison should have, and they’re all free!

1. Hooked 

Hooked is an app where you can find deals for the restaurants around you. The deals only last for a couple of hours, and they change throughout the day. You’ll see deals for cafes and coffee shops in the morning, lunch/dessert places in the afternoon, and bars, grills, and pubs in the evening. You go into the restaurant to claim the deal, show the cashier your phone, click “GET HOOKED,” and boom, savings.

the hook

This is what my Hooked looked like around 2pm, just in time for lunch. Don’t worry. I’m obviously going to claim the BOGO beer deal too.

I LOVE Hooked. I only downloaded it because there was a stand on campus last summer and the guy running it said he’d give me a cookie if I did. Best decision I’ve ever made (besides choosing UW-Madison, duh). The deals Hooked has have been used as a major factor when deciding where I’ll eat lunch.

Plus, it’s only on three campuses: the University of Texas, the University of Michigan, and the University of Wisconsin! Download it. Feel special. Eat food. Save money.

Watch the Hooked Facebook page for new business and special deals too!

2. Google Maps

The UW-Madison campus is a little over 900 acres. You might end up a little lost from time to time, but that’s okay. With the Google Maps app you can find your way around. I probably use this app the second most out of all of my apps. Why? Because I am lazy and refuse to memorize the bus schedule.

All UW-Madison students have already paid for a bus pass through their segregated fees, so you simply have to grab your WisCard and go get one! To see where to pick up your bus pass check out this bus pass FAQ. With Google Maps it’s so easy to figure out which bus I should take and when I should be at the bus stop to catch it. This app is my life.

the bus pass

That blue dot is me. Hi, me!

Open the app, type where you want to go in the search box, click the little blue bus icon the lower right hand corner (don’t worry if it’s not a bus, you can change it on the next screen), and you can see all the buses going to that location. You can set it up to depart or arrive at a specific time too. So feel free to plan out your trips in advance if you want. Easiest way to find a bus route. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s very accurate.

3. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal allows you to track the calories you’ve eaten and the calories you’ve burned. If you have a FitBit or similar device you can sync it to the app and it will count the calories you’ve burned while wearing it. Based on what you’ve eaten, it will show you the percentages of the macro nutrients you’ve consumed like protein, carbohydrates, and fat.


My entries don’t always look this good – trust me.

Add other people who know who use the app. Friends can create a little healthy (hahah.. ahh) competition! You can also get access blogs, recipes, and partake in discussions with the rest of the My Fitness Pal community.

4. Mobile UW

Mobile UW is the official UW-Madison app. It was recently updated (can I get a hallelujah?!) and now has a more interactive, user friendly interface. It offers features that are nice to have at the touch of a button while you don’t necessarily have access to a laptop or desktop computer. thecamp

It has a feature where you can track the buses, but, honestly, it doesn’t work as well as using Google Maps. You can also access a campus map, which is handy when you know the name of the building but not the address (this actually happens somewhat often on a campus this size). Search through a list of campus events, log into your MyUW or Learn@UW, quickly access emergency numbers, read UW news, and more.

5. Moocho

The Moocho app lets you pay for food on your phone. Every time you use Moocho you get points that earn you deals and rewards. The more you use Mooch the more you save!


I just use Moocho whenever I would already make a purchase. Spend the money you normally would, but get free stuff along the way. You can use it at fast food places, grocery stores, gas stations, tanning salons, and other shops around campus.


Do you have a favorite app? What’s your phone’s cool nickname? Comment!