Res. Hall Insights: Elizabeth Waters Hall

Elizabeth Waters aka Liz Waters Hall – Lakeshore 

Liz Waters is what I like to call the “Hybrid Hall”. Is it Lakeshore or Southeast? Is it freshman or upperclassmen? The answer is, Liz Waters has it all.

The first unique thing about Liz Waters is actually the building itself. It’s practically a labyrinth.  The setup helps keep the freshman all together and makes it seem like an all freshman hall.


Freshman Population

Liz Waters is about 40% freshman, and they are all kept on the same portion of the building. With 500 residents total, that’s still 200 freshman close by to be potential BFFs! There are upperclassmen as well, but they are all kept on the same floors in another part of the building.

Room Style

Rooms in Liz Waters are unique (and I like to pretend a little bigger than most). You could walk down one floor and see many different variations. This makes them a lot of fun to decorate and make it into your own space. Liz Waters is the only hall that has coverings over the closet spaces.

liz waters 2 Liz Waters

liz waters 3 liz waters 4

The stackable furniture allows you to customize your room to what will suit you and your roommate’s needs. Heck, feel free to switch it up in the middle of the semester if you want! Take a peek at some of the main options you have.


Despite how unique Liz is in all other ways, it does have community style bathrooms. Like I have preached on this blog, community style bathrooms are not that bad. It was one of the things I worried about the most before my freshman year started. Would I get over my shy bladder syndrome? Would I be able to shower in the morning without waiting? Did I need a shower caddie? Were they going to be clean? The answer to all these questions is yes.

Remember, the community bathrooms have about five shower stalls, toilet stalls, and sinks. The showers are in separate lockable stalls, so you can maintain your privacy.There shouldn’t be any issues with having to wait a because as college students we’ve all got some wacky schedules. This spreads out the traffic enough that there tends not to be a “bathroom rush hour”.

To top it all off, they are cleaned once a day by the facility staff. Can I get a hallelujah!?



The location of Liz Waters may arguably be the best of all the halls. It sits right on the top of Bascom Hill, the center of campus. Technically, Liz Waters is in the Lakeshore neighborhood, but it’s kind of in a neighborhood of its own. No matter where your class is it’s only a short walk away.


Enjoy the lake right outside your door, take a quick stroll down Bascom Hill and hang out at the Terrace or shop on State Street! The closest library is College Library. The closest dining facility is actually right inside the building, Liz’s Market. But be aware! The Liz Waters dining hall is being closed for renovation in Fall 2015, but will reopen in Spring 2016.

Reader Questions

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